About me

Software Crafter, Brick builder


I'm a software engineer, crafter, brick builder, vi user.

I've a broad experience with computer from kernel programming, HPC, hypervisors, system libraries, non-mainstream architecture, network, functional programming, distributed system, cryptography.

I like learning new things, passionate to push my understanding of how things tick.

I currently live in Cambridge, England, where I enjoy the weather.


I like implementing pragmatic and fast code, most of it can be found on:

More particularly I'm working on:

  • tls: a Haskell implementation of SSL/TLS.
  • cryptonite: a full feature and large Haskell library for cryptography primitives.
  • hit: a Haskell re-implementation library of git storage.
  • libjson: a secure / very efficient C library for JSON parsing (SAX style) and printing events.

And also worked on:

  • obuild: an OCaml cabal-like build system for OCaml.
  • openmosix


Papers on oxenstored, a functional database replacement for Xen co-written with Thomas Gazagnaire and presented at ICFP 2009. oxenstored.

Also some miscellaneous items:


System Programming

Expert in C, proficient in C++, x86* assembly, java, shell scripting.

Linux kernel programming, Xen hypervisor programming, low-level high-efficiency scalable daemon system

Functional & Typed Programming

Expert in Haskell and OCaml

Basic knowledge of Scala, and Swift


I have significant experiences in cryptography involving re-implementing many cryptographic primitives, improving C and Haskell crypto code bases, and designing higher level tools and protocol.


Always programming with my tin foil security hat, makes me more enable to provide code that is secure by design, but also have permitted to find issues before they had a permanent cost on businesses.

Virtual Machines

Worked on low level hypervisor, scability improvement of management tool, virtual machine snapshot-efficient storage, multi-hosts virtual machine management.

Distributed System

Worked on stateless distributed system, re-implemented scalable git-like storage for logging, and also for distributed and converging file management


Combining my system experience and my detailed understanding of how things works, plus an obsession about making thing go faster, I have significant experience in writing, re-writing, or designing fast algorithms, libraries or systems.


Always on the lookup for writing things better, improving maintenance and re-usability