Haskell SipHash - fast and small MAC

While reading my twitter stream, following the release of the paper, many people added support for their favorite language to SipHash. I decided that haskell shouldn’t be left behind, and support this cute algorithm too.

What is SipHash

SipHash is a pseudorandom function (PRF) optimized for short inputs. This is useful when creating MAC (HMAC, PMAC) like tag on short input. This is important to understand the tradeoff made to support short input, before using it, as it’s not a generic MAC algorithm.

It also have interesting property for hash table hashing, making it much harder for being hash poisoned for example.

One can read more at the original author website

Using SipHash in haskell

It’s very easy to use and the github README should be more than enough to get you started with Haskell’s SipHash README

posted by Vincent Hanquez on June 25, 2012.

tags crypto, SipHash.

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