Connection: A new hope for client network connection.

Opening connection is nowadays a complicated business: One of the leading complication provider is TLS. In itself, there’s nothing complicated about it, however the sheer amount of configurability make it too fiddly for casual programmer that want to open a simple connection to send bytes back and forth.

TLS 1.0 is available in a hackage server near you

I’m quite pleased to announce that TLS 1.0 is now available. It took 9 months of brewing in its own branch, to get the last missing protocol bits implemented and much more.

December news for the haskell TLS framework

In an effort of publicize more what’s happening with TLS, here is a textual changelog of the two previous versions:

TLS progress report

In an effort started just before CamHac and carried on during CamHac, there’s some new features supported by the haskell tls framework.

Testing TLS supported cipher remotely